A quick thought/question on mallet construction

I’m horrible at making mallets, which is exactly why you should keep reading this post about assembling them.

So – whenever I try to drill the holes for the mallet head to attach to the shaft, I generally make them not match up, make them too small or too big, or end up burning my apartment down. No – I don’t want you to write comments about how I can do this better that’snothtepointpleasestopit.

One of the mallets I made a little while ago sits at a bit of an angle, like so:

After cursing my own eyes, I decided that I didn’t want to try to fix it and started playing with the mallet. I noticed that I was able to make a better connection with the ball than before, as my mallet head was hitting it more evenly as it swung towards the ball than a level mallet might.

In short, the angle of the mallet head evened out the angle of the swing, making my shots a touch more accurate than before (yes, this could just be a fluke – I’m still testing). But it does make me wonder what other folks have experienced by way of an angled head. I’m sure the topic has been murdered on LoBP (ALL HAIL) but I don’t feel like typing into the search feature to find out.

Ok – so I’m just trying to find an excuse for people when the start judging this particular mallet. Help me out here, guys.

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  1. Horse says:

    With thinking like that, you should move to Asheville.

  2. fan man fan says:

    or australia

  3. virginia says:

    All you need to do is move the shaft closer to the end and you would have yourself a Melbourne Cheater Mallet.

  4. Bob says:

    I too am very poor at constructing mallets and they end up like this, luckily I tend to hit the ground with the mallet when its perfectly square and like you, a little angle helps to hit the ball square and straight.

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