Things I am Excited About

  1. The Prototype Fixcraft Build is almost complete and I will soon be riding it into the sky with ET on the front making his crazy alien jibber-jabber and using his finger as my light.
  2. Horse and Lumberbach assembled one of the MILK mallets and review is underway. My prediction: awesome product.
  3. I am in high gear to recruit new players into our club.
  4. Turducken is getting closer and closer, and I’ll probably be impressing all the polokins with THE FIXCRAFT PROTOTYPE BIKE THAT IS ALMOST COMPLETE ERMEGERD¬†
What are you excited about?
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  1. Horse says:

    I’m excited to not have 2 disassembled bikes in my basement.

  2. JP says:

    Lets see that fixcraft already!

    • Crusher says:

      I know I know I know, I know.

      I know.

      It’s going to be done this week, and if it’s not I’m going to shut down this blog until it is.

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