Building the Fixcraft Bike – My Component Selections

As you know, dear polonaughts, I have the good fortune of testing the prototype of the HV1 bike polo specific bike by Fixcraft. So far I have the Fixcraft Disc hubs and nothing else from the prototype – but that’s all in due course. What I’d like to write about today are the other parts I’m getting/have gotten to build up the bike. I’ll also list all the hipster points I’ve achieved with my selections.

So, to begin: my polo bike will be one that isn’t available yet for general consumption and is also a limited edition.

Hipster Points +50

Working with my local bicycle mechanic (Horse), we took a hard look at what was good about my polo rig now and what could be changed. The very first thing (and the no-brainer) was the braking system.


I currently have a BB5 front disc brake with some no-name lever. It works well enough, though I feel like I’m not getting the responsiveness I want from the pull and it doesn’t feel good, you know?

I’ve lost that loving feeling on it.

So for this new bike I’m going full force with the BB7 option front and back, and this little sweet number for my brake lever:

That’s right. The Paul dual brake lever.

Hipster Points +5.

With the Paul I’m expecting some nicer feel on the pull and with the dual BB7s some immediate response. This thrills me.


I’ve decided to go back to my roots and run 26 inch wheels instead of the 700c I’ve been rolling with for the past year. I’m focusing in on turning and beefy action, and I think the switch will help me in both regards.

To meet the delicious 48 spoke hubs that Fixcraft has made, I’m going to go with the Sun Ryno Lite Rims and spin on 2.00 Ribmos. Between the Ryno’s sexy framework inside and Ribmo’s tough-as-nails exterior, I think I’ll be a pretty happy puppy. Longevity and strength, y’all.

The Rynos, while build for my style of play, aren’t deep rimmed.

Hipster points -5


I’m going to be moving my beat up Brooks saddle from the current polo bike to the new one. This allows me to not try to break in a new saddle. Plus the Fixcraft HV1 is black, as is my current Brooks Saddle.

Hipster points: +5 for Brooks. +2 for color coordination.


To start with, I’ll more than likely move my current risers over (they are nothing special but work, of course), though I might bump over to something else depending on any deals I can find, particularly SquareBuilt. Cause they make me feel warm all over whenever I see them.

Hipster points: +.5 (for recycling)


I’m currently running Odyssey Flats and will probably start with those again (new ones, because my current ones look ugly (+1 Hipster Points for being vain) ) but I may also go to eggbeaters for the sake of hopping around a bit in goal. Yes –yes I realize I failed miserably when I tried before. Shut up.

Hipster points: 0


Going with a White Ind. Eno Freewheel, 22 tooth. I don’t think I have to say anything more than that.

But I will anyway: my current no-name freewheel has been dying for the past month or so, and between its shoddy performance and constant grinding I am willing to lay out real money to avoid the frustration on my new build. Now, as Horse has so eloquently said in the past, everyone will know how much I spent when they hear me rolling by.

Hipster Points: +15 (buying something far too good for what it’s going to be used for)


I think that’s all the big things that are going on ( I haven’t decided on the sprocket yet – 36 tooth for sure but I don’t know what brand yet). I am wicked amped to kick my wife out of bed and sleep next to this bike when all is said and done.

Total Hipster Points: 72.5

I’d tell you what that score means, but it’s a really obscure explanation.

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  1. john from dc says:

    How’s the disc brake working out for you as a lefty (you’re a lefty, right?)? I’m hesitant to try it because I’m worried I’d hit and bend the rotor all the time, but maybe that’s unfounded. Or maybe I just need to stop hitting my front wheel with my mallet.

    • Crusher says:

      I haven’t had any trouble with it at all. I don’t hit my front wheel all that often, but I do play goal a lot and get into scuffles here and there. I’ve found that there hasn’t been a point where I hit the thing so hard that it got fouled up.

      However, you could really just make the whole problem disappear and ask Horse if he’d get a Horseshoe disc guard made up for you. Then you could hit the thing all day long and be fine.

  2. Horse says:

    risk of bending a rotor is far less important once you feel that stopping power… totally worth it.
    But, like Crusher said, soon enough the Horseshoe disc guard will be up and running. With mine, i’ve gone a year on the same rotor with no bends.

  3. sprinks says:

    Should just do a camillo mod and have the disc on the wrong side of the fork for all the lefties.

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