New Product – Modifide Bike Polo

This just came into my Google Alerts: Modifide Bike Polo Equipment .

The write up next to this image states: The M1 is an all around mallet because we tried to incorporate all the necessary sizes, angles and reinforced areas that would be needed for good all around players. The head is functional, durable and easily customized. UHMW makes it last way longer than abs or pvc. We also created a thick(7 mm) shaft mounting area(red lines) for increased strength at different head lengths.
Length: 13 cm(approx. 5.1 inches)
Weight: 101 grams
Check spec page for more measurements.
$25.00 Cdn each.

And, just to save you some time, here is the specs image: 

There is really very little about this mallet out there that I can find at this point, but with the material it’s made of and the apparent lightness, I think giving it a try might be a very good idea.

Again, check out their facebook page here – and that’s your breaking news for the day.


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  1. Nick Iwanyshyn says:

    Crusher, shoot me an email!

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