A Message From The Editor On His 2 Year Bike Polo Anniversary

Two years ago today it was the weekend and my new friend Matt invited me to watch him play bike polo.

He tricked me, you see, by telling me to bring my 1968 Schwinn Typhoon along. You know, to ride with him as he rode out to pickup. Within minutes he had me on the court and running into people.

The next weekend I was at the Velo Swap with the hundred dollars needed to build my first polo specific bike. I was hooked, and have remained so since.

I’m generally very far from serious on this blog, as you’ve come to recognize, I’m sure, but as you can tell from the black and white instagram photo that accompanies this post, I want to get real for a second, so stay with me.

I do a “X things I learned at bike polo” feature on this blog pretty often, and I was thinking about doing that this time, too. However, I think there is really only one thing I learned from bike polo in the 370 or so days since I started playing the sport: you get exactly what you put in.

Exactly. What. You. Put. In.

Over the past two years I’ve listened and learned from the best people in the sport – I’ve played with what I think is the best club in the sport, and I’ve devoted hundreds of hours to this site with the hopes that I could give something back to the people who took me in like a brother – like family. Over the course of those two years I’ve been given an amazing amount of trust and loyalty – of kindness and support from people I’ve come to know better than myself and even from others that I’d just met not more than a few minutes previous. Bike polo is still small (and even though it’s grown all over the world, it still feels small, right?). There’s still a camaraderie with other bike polo players no matter where you go – we still look out for each other.

Over the past two years I’ve been presented with so many  opportunities that I couldn’t dream of – many of which I can’t believe. For better or worse, I’ve been told that this blog is one of the best resources around for bike polo related stuff.

I guess my head should be big about that – but to be honest it’s completely humbling to think of it that way – I never thought I’d be able to provide so much to such a great group of people.

I gave bike polo (and continue to give bike polo) everything I’ve got to give, and the people of bike polo have given me just as much in return.

I just want to use this (really unimportant in the grand scheme of things) moment to thank every person who’s let me interview them, learn from them, given me extra equipment or let me review their new products.

Thank you for the unbelievable and unwavering support of my club, Lancaster United, and every damned person in it. I could never wish for a better group of people to spend my time with.

And thanks for making me excite d to be writing my 10 year anniversary sobfest post in the future.





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  1. Karl Berwyn says:

    And we’re glad to have you bud. Where’d my
    Interview ever end up. As the godfather of LUBP aka LCBP, I thought you would’ve been on that by now. It still amazes me after each year goes by, how far we have come in this sport.

    • Crusher says:

      Yeah – about that interview: it wasn’t very good for either of us given the…the circumstances. I’d like to sit you down for another one on a pickup day, if you’re up for it.

  2. Karl Berwyn says:

    Yeah, that sounds good.

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