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I love tech. I like gadgets, and expensive little things that do little tasks, and shiny new bike parts. I spend a lot of time with these types of things and talk about them way too much. So now I’m going to start doing some semi-regular tech reviews for the masses.

A review is pretty worthless without some sort of grading system. After all, you’re probably only going to look at the pictures. I’m going to score each product on a scale from 1 NAH ball, to 5 NAH balls.



A 5 NAH score means you should probably own/use/swear by this product.




A score of 1 NAH means that this product is all wrong, so unless you’re a true hipster and love the underdog, pass it up.

Mounting mallet heads has been very free-form, and thus far, there has been such a variety of methods that you could probably use a different style each time you build a mallet.  There’s a quest to find the perfect balance between simplicity, strength, and weight, as with all componentry.  I’ll try to touch on all three of these demands as well as some insight into things like durability, and ease of use.

My first review will be a comparison between 4 different unique mallet head mounting systems.  I will compare the following systems:

– Fixcraft ‘Fixnut’
-Fixcraft T-nut
-Beech Connector
-KarlScrew (more commonly known as a screw through the top).

Stay tuned – and let me know if there is anything in particular you’d like me to review in the future.

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  1. Paul says:

    What about tapping a thread (1/4-20 fits Fixcraft and Milwaukee, and maybe some ski poles if you cut them right near the bottom) into the skinny end of the pole? Then, after filing a few “teeth” on the bottom of the pole you can put a single, short (3/4″), 1/4-20 counter sunk bolt though the base of the mallet head into the pole. But please do review stuff, it’s good for me to keep practicing the ability to read on the in-between polo days.

  2. Horse says:

    Paul good idea. That’s very similar to Fixcraft’s Fixnut system, only there is a nut that goes into the mallet from the top, taking away the need to tap threads. Tapping threads on a taper would be extremely difficult to do cleanly i believe. Look for the review of the Fixnut system next week.

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