Fixcraft’s Upcoming HV1 Polo Bike

Just let that sink in for a second.

Ok – moving on:

When I was working with Sean Ingram (Fixcraft President and friend of the Polo playing class) on the Fixcraft Ugly Mallet Contest, we got to talking about polo, blogs, and…ugly mallets. Halfway through the conversation I mentioned how I’m always up to review his products—yes, I dirty and obvious plea—and he mentioned that he should have me review something he has in the works.

Then he told me what it was.

Then he said he was serious about me getting one.

Then I fainted.

Fixcraft has been busy working with TREE BICYCLE CO (who created the splined drive sprocket) and the specifics of building and designing is being done by Sam Schulte of the same company. TREE, in case you are unaware, makes killer BMX bikes, and this new bike polo frame will be no different. We’re talking insane durability. I mean, when Soviet Russia launches its nuclear weapons into the US and we go all WOLVERINES!!! on them, the cockroaches, Bill Cosby, and the HV1 bike polo bike will be the only survivors.

I look for a few things when judging a polo bike: tight geometry, a seat over the back wheel, adaptability, and durability. From what I’ve seen in the design and discussed with Sean, this little number is made to fit the bill.

A few key features you need to drool over:

  • Set up to take 26” and 700c
  • Set up to take V brakes and discs
  • 2 options for front fork spacing (110 and 135)
  • seat tube cutout to allow for snug-as-a-bug wheel spacing
  • Frame sizes at 46cm/50.6cm/55.3cm

And it’s made by TREE/FIXCRAFT, for goodness sakes. JUST TAKE MY MONEY!

I immediately took Sean up on his offer to be part of the prototype testing group, as I was looking for a new polo bike to start with. While there are lots of things that are pretty hush-hush about this effort, I’ll provide whatever updates I can as I get my mitts on this beauty and become a Bike Polo god.

When is it due to hit the streets? Well, I think it’s a bit early to say, but Sean indicated that he wants to do rigorous testing on the prototypes. If all goes well, we could see this baby for sale by Christmas. If more work is needed, than more like springtime next year.

How’s about you just stop buying multi-colored records and start socking away cash now, though. All the cool kids are gonna want one of these.

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  1. Trace says:

    Wow. That spec list reads like a dream…
    though I guess if you want to run a standard front hub you would just squish the blades a bit to hug the 100 mm hub.

    • marky says:

      nah, if you want to run a standard front wheel you will need to braise on some fork ends so the 20mm axle goes through :)

  2. Lefty Wag says:

    as we say here, “if jealousy killed, you’ll be dead by now”. Thanks God it doesn’t . Can’t wait to see the results.

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