Fixcraft PolyCarbonatehead Review

Written by Irish:

Being the Retro Grouch/DIYer, I have been somewhat less excited about buying mallet gear, but the Poly Carbonate heads intrigued me.  My good friend the Crusher of this fine Blog “loaned” me a Polycarb mallet head from Fixcraft to use and then review. So, I quickly built up a mallet and it quickly became my favorite mallet just from the heckling I took for something that looks and sounds like it would break when we tossed mallets.

First Impression:

This thing is light, noisy, and is going to break.  Some warming up with it and I found that it hit the ball hard and made a funny somewhat irritating sound from the stiff material.   I quickly got use to the sound.

Playing with Lexan Luther:

This thing shoots rockets.  Laser Guided Rockets.  Because of the weight I did not drill any holes as I typically would my tried and true orange pipe and really hits hard.  Karl’s shin was a testament to the velocity of the ball.  Controlling is a bit different, for some reason the poly head likes to “grab” the NAH ball.  Not terribly bad, but took some getting used to.  I am not sure if this is from the slightly smaller outside diameter or from the material.

The inside diameter is slightly bigger than the orange pipe therefore scooping and flick passing works great.

As you can see I didn’t take a huge amount of time to mount the head, thinking it wouldn’t last.  I would take more care mount the next one.  The material need more attention when mounting and I definitely would use a through mount system next time.

We’ll see how long they last:

This is the wear from one nights play.

So far:

3 nights = I love this head.  My one concern is what happens when the temps start to drop?  Don’t know, but I will be ordering more.

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  1. machine says:

    you must whack ballz as hard as you whack yourself>>>>>>>> Not Hard enuff otherwise you would have already had the satisfaction of splattering that head all over the court. Made 2, bust 2 ,same game.

    • Irishvelo says:

      Maybe, but your Mom sure does whack me hard enough. Seriously, I have had no issues(aside from me breaking the shaft). What were the temps?

    • Sean says:

      If you don’t break abs heads, poly carb will suit you just fine. If you are like machine who apparently hits the court instead of the ball, you should look into UHMW as your go to head no matter what. There is no question that stuff is the most durable no matter who sells it.

  2. Horse says:

    OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (hand covers mouth)

  3. Trace says:

    I have adopted these as my go-to heads. They are amazingly durable despite the fact they sound like they shatter every time they are thrown. I am not a tournament player, but a regular at Lancaster United pickup games and my first head lasted from fall, through the winter, and into spring. I was stunned. Eventually it started to crack at the drill holes.
    Due to the small diameter you can’t scoop to save your life, but hey, I ain’t complaining.
    Oh yeah, they are no longer available, so this comment is absolutely worthless.

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