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With Crusher away, we bet you thought this blog would be on vacation. Nope. Content will continue to flow as the Guinness into Crusher’s gullet while he hob-nobs with the fine folk in Scotland.
On tap this week (after we all recover from watching the stream of the NAH championship, congrats Beaver Boys!):
– Professor Rauhauser discusses how he plans to bring bicycle polo into the classroom this fall…
– We hear from Horse why pulling out at full speed is never a good idea…
– We have met the newest polo super-villain, and his name is Lexan Luther…
– LUBP’s ¬†Lumberjack discusses the finer points of carving with chainsaws and the downsides of using an axe handle instead of a Fixcraft XT pole, or something like that…

Stay tuned


-Trace Oberholtzer

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