Congratulations Beaver Boys….again.

image courtesy of Tom Held





Well, the beaver boys did it again, winning the NAHBPC in their home town of
Milwaukee.  They cleaned up the winners bracket, and edged out the Guardians 3-1 in the final game for the title.

I didnt catch any of it, but I hear the feed was great and the games were solid, so I’m looking forward to seeing a Mr. Do video pop up here this week.

The Beaver Boys are one of those teams you love to hate.   It really took playing them to realize its not just hype, they’re just really effing good at what they do.    (granted, our game lasted about 3 minutes, 5-0).

So congratulations Brian, Joe, and Eric.  A well deserved win.


Also a big shout out to Lomax’s team, MANTHOUSAND, who came in tied for 9th after the weekend.   Great playing guys!

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