Not everyone loves bike polo? Porque?

I had this come up in my Google alerts – apparently someone at Landlords Cycling  (they sometimes write books on the subject of bike messengers, so you know what they have to say is good stuff) is none too pleased with local bike polo players coming onto the scene a’la West Side Story and pushing around kids playing stickball and learning to ride bikes.

I was struck by a particular point in the story where the author provided some dialogue via what they heard the polo players say:

(imagine this: some guy with a cardboard disc wheel with a skull magic markered on it getting all aggravated- liberalish, faux-messenger, white dude style. “Hey kids listen OK? Like we have a permit to play here man, and if you don’t get out man I’m going to have to get the Park Ranger. I don’t want to, I’m cool you know, but I will get him and send you to jail and call your moms or grandmas or whoever takes care of you.”)

and also this little feature here:

I used to be able to sit and read the paper and listen to birds and bums fighting in peace-then it all ended because some losers felt the need to impose their dumb ass team vs team jock point mentality on bikes.

(Hey man awesome shot! Totaallly cool brahhhh.)

I get it, you couldn’t make it on the high school football team and you feel the need to compensate-maybe call your mom, tell her you scored the match point in the big, really important E Williamsburg Buttflaps vs the Industrial Park Disc Wheelers bike polo grudge match.

Am I judging? Not in the least. Just thought I’d bring it up so we could reflect on the true nature of our sport in the world.

Read the whole post here, aptly titled Anti-Bike Polo

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  1. Trace says:

    Gotta say that the editor has his finger on the pulse of our sport. The bad finger.

  2. Paul says:

    Gives us a bit of a flogging on their most recent post too. “Still better than LV-that shit is designed for Bike Polo, the lowest of all Neu Bike Dork sports. I wonder who sold them on that? Someone needs a job re-alignment.” However, “Neu Bike Dork” would make an excellent T-shirt. And besides, we THRIVE on heckling.

  3. Raddison says:

    I’ve been a regular Landlords Cycling reader for quite awhile now. I usually agree with much of what they have to say about…. bikes, mostly because they have good style. That said, I was way pissed/bummed when I read that post last week – definitely a dick move.
    I guess we’ll have to blame the philly polo players (except marco, obviously). Bummer.

    • Crusher says:

      I think that when Marco smiles 300 puppies are born across the world simultaneously. That being said: I more or less just came across the post – I’m neither angry or happy about it. It just is.

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