Two new bike polo items: one big question

Between yesterday evening and this morning, both Fixcraft and Northern Standard announced the release of their new products: Fixcraft’s UHMW Unibody mallet heads and Northern Standard’s polo specific Gloves.

Both of these developments set my little wheel covered heart into fits, but I also have a kinda-weird feeling about it, too. Lemme get to brass tax.

The Northern Standard gloves, currently, cost 79 dollars (and that’s 1 away from $80!). I kinda am OK with that because they should be- though I haven’t laid a finger on a set yet – well made. Furthermore, leather gloves tend to last for longer than a year, and if that’s the case I can justify spreading out the cost: about 21 cents a day to own for a year.

I know a lot of folks aren’t going to get Northern Standard Gloves because of the price, but I’m definitely one of those guys who values something well made that will last – we’ll see what the gloves are actually like in play shortly, I hope.

But that brings me around to the Fixcraft Unibody. With the announcement yesterday also came the price: $25.99-$26.99 per head.

Per head.

Per head?

Let me get some things out of the way so we’re clear with eachother: I know Fixcraft makes really good stuff for polo. Likewise, I know that UMHW lasts longer and wears more evenly than other mallet material. I recognize that a lot of work went into creating these heads and that they’ll feel just fantastical on the court. Hell, Horse was given the Ultralite 2500 (I believe) and he says it’s his favorite ever.

But I compare that with the cost of other mallet heads: the $16 UMHW Arena Mallet Head, the $13 HDPE ST Cago Heads, and of course fixcraft’s other $7.99 Polycarbonite and $3.99 Solid Wall ABS mallet heads.

Oh geez, let’s throw in the $14.50 EighthInch Mallet head as well.

So the new Fixcraft Unibody bumps the price ten dollars. And I guess I am hung up because I don’t expect it to last more than six or so months, that It’s ultimately going to get dinged up like whoa, and it’s such a big jump from the market price of other heads.

But mercy mild, they are so sexy. I am conflicted guys.

Push me one way or the other – am I weird for thinking this much about it?


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  1. Horse says:

    worth the sticker shock.
    i burn through a st. cago head in a matter of weeks. My ultralite 2500 head is 3 months old and still my go to mallet.
    If you can get over the price enough to place an order, i doubt you’ll feel like you blew the money… but i understand the hesitance completely.

    • Crusher says:

      I get the same feeling you’re expressing here: sticker shock, but ultimately worthwhile for the price. I think part of my hang up is the thought that Fixcraft is setting a precedent for more pricey mallet heads. Totally worth it, but pricey.

  2. Bob says:

    Really, you gotta liken these to the Milks, which at 26$ for 5″, is very comparable. In fact, id prefer the fixcraft, if I were to spend the money, because its 6″ and you can cut to size. And it comes in 3 models with 2 OD’s.

    • Crusher says:

      Ah, milk mallets- that’s one I overlooked.

      And as far as where to spend money: I really do like everything I’ve ever gotten from Fixcraft – those cats know the sport and know the players. I reckon once I pick one up and play with it for a few weeks I will simply have less-but-better mallets and become more blood-chillingly angry when someone hacks at me.

  3. adamhite says:

    don’t forget the milwaukee heads! folks in memphis love them. one of our guys has been using his for over a year now, and we play in a parking lot on a really rough surface.

    although, it is a plus having it all in one piece and not having to attach the cap yourself. so i don’t think the fixcraft price is extreme.

    i love the st cago heads. mine has lasted almost 6 months and still has a few more to go. may even make it to a year. although, i would like a little more pop out of it when i smack the ball real hard. it’s kinda softens the blow.

    anybody ever used PE-100? is that available in the US? I was thinking about ordering one of the 3PMH heads:

    • Crusher says:

      I’ve never used PE-100, it looks like old school gas pipe to me – is that accurate?

      • Zachary says:

        yes. that’s basically the same thing as “classic yellow” hdpe here in the states. save yourself the shipping from europe and just make one yourself.

  4. Zachary says:

    I paid $60 to have a MILK head and shaft shipped from switzerland… so $25 to kansas ain’t bad at all!

    i’ve had the 2375 for a quite a while now and i can already tell this fucker is gonna last at least a year. compare that to going through hdpe like candy and the unibody is money well spent.

    of course i have more mallets than i could even use, so many i should address that issue before i start buying even more…

    • Crusher says:

      actually Zachary, this post wasn’t meant to really be about the new mallets at all. It’s an intervention. Please sit down.

  5. john from dc says:

    I share a 1 bedroom apartment on the 11th floor so making mallets is a huge pain in my ass. My UHMWPE Milwaukee head has lasted well over a year now and still has plenty of life left in it.

    To me, having a mallet I know I can rely on is totally worth 7.4 cents a day.

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