More Meme Mashup

I noted that you cats enjoyed the internet memes I posted a while back. Being an unimaginative sod, I decided to tempt you with some gifs! Only 16 or so this time, so be thankful.

When the opposing team has solid defense:


Watching Kyle Play:

How you feel when waiting on the sidelines to play:

When a team mate won’t pass:

When someone gets new polo-specific equipment:

Your first night with new brakes:

Just before you crash into another player:

Getting advice in the middle of a game:

What it’s like when the new mallet you built gets bent:

How you act after getting three goals in a row:

How you actually feel after getting three goals in a row:

How you act when you miss the goal:

How you act when someone asks what Bike Polo is:

When a team mate ruins your vibe:

When you fall off your bike:

After blocking a shot on goal:

How everyone plays their first day of polo:










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  1. mathbach says:

    you should start an LU tumbler page with all your extra time

  2. Trace says:

    I just can’t stop watching the last one!

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