Malletheadz Bike Polo Mallets

I just had this pop up in my inbox this morning – apparently there is a group called Malletheadz, and they make…bike polo mallet heads a la white pipe style:

The mallet heads cost fifteen bucks each (a bit high, don’t you think), and the people have been around since 2010:

Malletheadz was established in December 2010. Since our Generation I Mallets were introduced, our Engineering and Design Department designed and crafted our Generation II Mallets which have been proven to be stronger. ALL Malletheads feature a lifetime warranty.

photo from malletheadz

So what makes these mallet heads special?

Um…well…they are white. Aaaaannndd….they…uh…

lifetime warranty maybe?

They apparently have “Technicians”, “Engineers” and a “Research Department”. That’s unique.

According to the site, they are the sturdiest, best mallet heads available – one of the reasons I’ve never heard of them.

To be fair, I’d be happy to test one of these out and give a full review, but they do look suspiciously like the pipe you can get from USA plastics already. And I don’t know if I’m keen on anyone pre-drilling shaft holes on my mallet.

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  1. Crusher says:

    If it seems like I left out alot of information (specifications on mallet heads, shafts, etc), I apologize. Truth is, the Malletheadz site currently doesn’t have any of that information available.

  2. Lumberbach says:

    diameter looks small – like that crazyass little pipe Blake was using before he learned how to hit the ball

  3. irishvelo says:

    They seem to have a special mounting system taut you can kinda see in the pic. They look heavy. (That’s what she said)

  4. Trace says:

    No thanks. Pre-drilling is an awful idea.

    • irishvelo says:

      Look closely, they have a threaded rod attached to what looks like some sort of filler. My guess is, it works best with their shafts. Disclaimer: I am looking at it on a phone.

  5. Horse says:

    no info = no purchase.

    looks like a bone stock UHMV pipe with some strange mount… i cant imagine that being light enough to play with.

  6. Irishvelo says:

    Either way, that website sucks. And I agree, they look small in “girth”. And we all know that is more important than length.

    • Crusher says:

      Yeah, the website needs some work. A bit more info on the mounting system, the material, and weight. I care more about what I’m buying than the development team/technicians behind it.

  7. Jerry Kyme says:

    I just ordered one! You guys are giving them great advertisement! And I found out their lifetime warranty is real. This company is the bomb. They told me the specifications, and the mallet is amazingly light.

    • Crusher says:

      Hi Jerry,
      Not to come off as a jerk, but you kinda seem like you might, you know, be in cahoots with the company.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’d LOVE to give a professional review of the product – but you seem just a touch over the top with your praise.

      Could you share the specifications they gave you? Especially the weight of the mallet head?

      Also – what polo club do you play with? I don’t recognize your name!

      • Lumberbach says:


      • Jerry Kyme says:

        I stated that I ORDERED one, I did not receive it yet.

        I spoke to a man named Michael on the phone yesterday and he explained the lifetime warranty to me (trust me I didn’t believe it either). When I first emailed him he give me this information,

        “thanks for your interest jerry. the mallethead weighs 6.9 ounces. the shaft can be customized to whatever size you want it to. everything can be custom made. in reference to our warranty, we’re not crazy like you wrote. our warranty only applies to the actual mallethead. you can smash it around all you want we will replace it. we actually believe the mallets are indestructible. please contact us for further info.”

        By the way, i only asked for the weight. I suppose you can ask them for any info you people want. They make it very easy for you to contact them.

        Crusher, I am part of Berlin Bike Polo. But, I am currently visiting my son and his mother in Florida. I LOVE your website Crusher, I visit it almost everyday. I find it really idiotic that you’re criticizing a company you never even tried out. My grandmother once told me “Sie mussen herausfinden, bevor Sie eine Annahme” (you must find out before you make an assumption). May god rest her soul.

        When I receive my mallet, I will definitely let everyone on here know.

        • Crusher says:

          First – thanks for the compliment!

          Second – it would be AWESOME if you would give us your review once you get the mallet head. I’d love to coordinate with you so we can get pictures of the product and your thoughts on it. Let me know if you’d be up for that.

          The weight you list of 6.9 ounces – I’ll have to ask the polo elders, but that seems like it’s a bit on the heavy side, really.

          Anyway – I look forward to hearing back from you.

          • Jerry Kyme says:

            You’re very welcome.

            I will most definitely attempt to fulfill your requests when I return home (I have no idea when). I suppose it might be a little on the heavy size, but I suppose I will see when I receive it.

            By the way, who is this angry Maritza chick? I’m still laughing at your response.

  8. Maritza Ruiz Martines says:

    Hello!my name is Maritza Martines, I am a sports writer for a local sports magazine here in Brazil,.My editor and chief just gave me your web site if you call it that and I am appalled at the way that you handle yourself in The USA.First off. I have been reading your blog that you call a web site and that you got for free.You go around bashing people that you do not even know,you have no idea who the company is and you sound like a bunch off cry babies.You hide behind you stupid names like,horse,crusher,trace, and irishvelo.If you people were man enough, why don’t you contact those people on the phone and talk to them and ask the .question that you are curious about.

    Down here is South America, we do not talk negatively or bash people as you do in the USA.We do not hide behind phony names.Be a man or are just a bunch of lazy babies trying to get a free bike polo mallet from the Mallet headz company.Why don’t you buy one of their products???.

    By the way, I am also a free lance writer for the local newspaper here in Brazil. I will be following your blog to see how you answer this.We have checked out there web site and it looks pretty decent,could use a little tweeking but is good and gets to the point.I notice that they are also listed on Google.

    Yo Crusher,as you say in the USA, we have heard of this company down here in Brazil,We understand that the parent company is behind them and all item that make up the mallet are hand tooled and not factory machine made.Like I said earlier, I am going to be watching your blogsite and write a article about Lancaster United how they think that they are a bunch of bullies
    Lets hope that your moderator has the backbone to publish this on your blogsite.

    Maritza from Brazil

  9. Jerry Kyme says:

    Hey, Crusher! Its me again. I just received my mallet. I took it with me to Publix this afternoon as a matter of factually. The weight that he told me is actually pretty correct. I’m still in Florida right now. I should be heading back to Germany in a few weeks. I’m so Americanized now! I actually really like the design of the mallet. I noticed that it is pre-drilled. Personally, I don’t really mind. Many of these companies are pre-drilling them. Their mallets are made for their shaft, that is a bit of a con. But, regardless what did I expect? Where was I going to just buy a shaft? I’m a little ticked off that they just started to offer the option of choosing the quantity of end caps. I wanted one of the ends closed but, what’s done is done. Even though it is 6.9 oz it doesn’t really feel that heavy to me. It seems pretty sturdy to me. I should be hopping back on my bike in a few weeks and I will test it out fully then. This is just my random thoughts right now.

    By the way Crusher, why don’t you do a test drive with them?

  10. […] In March Lancaster posted about MalletHeadz. My favorite quote from the article “According to the site, they are the sturdiest, best mallet heads available – one of the reasons I’ve never heard of them.” aptly describes the tone of the post. (see post here) […]

  11. David says:

    Hi, I’m from Hungary but currently living and playin in Torino, Italy. Just out of curiosity I’ve asked a friend from Berlin about Jerry, this guy Daniel (from team “Bambule”, so he is not fictional, and his team was third in the german nationals so I think he is often out on the court, so it’s not likely that they just by incident have never met )has never heard of Jerry. Just thought it might be an interesting addition.

    • Crusher says:

      Thanks for stopping by David! Yeah, I reached out to Berlin Bike Polo back when Jerry started commenting here and they had no idea who he was.

      Malletheadz makes mallets and imaginary people, apparently.

  12. Daniel from Berlin ( Bambule) says:

    Iam from Berlin Bike Polo and I have a question, What is your real Name jerry kyme . Why dont I know you?

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