A Very Nice Post from Birmingham Bike Polo

I’m all for the ladies, so when I came across this post from Jess X on her reflections of the Ladies Army experience (and ladies playing bike polo in general), I wanted to make sure our readership here took note.

From the post:

I’d began playing with members of the London Ladies Hardcourt Bike Polo Club a little more as I wanted to meet other girls who played and found out they were planning a tournament called Hell’s Belles – the UK’s first ladies majority bike polo tournament. The LLHBPC, in valuing the ‘mixed feel’ of throw-ins and broader tournaments, were seeking to encourage the continued rapid growth of women in bike polo. Vol. 1 took place in October and was a raging success. Players came from all over the UK, Europe and America and twenty teams battled it out to be crowned champions of the polo court. I joined a team with Ludo, an Italian bella and the lovely Eileen from Milwaukee and like a Brummie thorn between two roses I was determined to gain some better tournament experience. Sadly, Eileen fell ill the week of the tournament and Brendan from Dead Rappers gallantly stepped in with the promise of being our perma-goalie.

Visit the Birmingham Bike Polo blog to read the whole post, and why don’t you remind your favorite Bike Polo Playing Gal that she’s just the bees knees.

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  1. Horse says:

    having ladies playing would be awesome. That Kentucky gal that played with us, and of course Chandel were great. We SERIOUSLY need to reach out to derby.

    • Crusher says:

      Kentucky Gal: Jessie. Both she and Chandel made me feel horrible that we don’t have active lady players. It’s embarassing, really.

  2. Lumberbach says:

    when we get Wheatland up and running

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