And now for something completely different

Note from the editor: I like to think that promotes the free expression of the club. In that vein, here is…something…that Trace wrote up and sent to me.

Evolution of a polo addiction (must be read out loud in caveman/woman voice – the video will help)



  • Me go play polo on Redline Monocog. Me no idea how fun it be.
  • Giggle like cavegirl for 18 hour straight after play first time.
  •  Me ‘find” corrugated plastic sign. Make wheel cover. Me no make good circle.


  • Me want make mallet!!!
  • Me go shopping at Salvation Army.


  • Me make mallet!!!


  • Me break mallet. Me sad.
  • Me hang breaked mallet in work office. Coworkers no understand.


  • Me think polo best thing since, uh, me think best thing.
  • Wife no understand. Security officers no understand. Heck, me no understand.
  • Me like polo.
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  1. Trace says:

    Me embarrassed.
    Me cover face in shame.

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