Learn to Destroy 3 St. Cago Heads in One Hour?!


this is what $45 bucks looks like when it's down the drain.

Or don’t ever ask me how. It still hurts.

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  1. Darby says:

    Um…How? Considering I have some St. Cago raw pipe here waiting to be transformed into mallet heads, it would be good to know.

    • Crusher says:

      I made three mistakes: first, I decided to not cut it to size in a straight line (and then, in correcting the mistake, made a minnie mallet). Second, I made holes for the pole too small, and then too big, and then (you’ll notice the trend here), the holes were not lined up, making my mallet head sit at a 20 degree angle. The last one (which was also at an angle, but I kindof liked it) was ruined when I tried to drill out side holes for weight: the round saw was too big, and ended up lobbing off the entire side of the mallet.

      Let my example be your gain, Darby.

      • Trace says:

        Are you certain they are completely ruined? Might they be able to be salvaged as win awards as ‘the world’s ugliest but still usable’ heads?

        • Crusher says:

          I think Gene has that award currently.

          I am going to see a polo elder about salvaging. I think I might be able to save one at least. But I’ll tell you Trace – I was so frustrated last night that I was pacing around picking things up and putting them back down. I don’t know any other languages, but I was saying something and it wasn’t in English.

      • Darby says:

        Will do – Were you cutting the lengths with a hacksaw, or an electric saw of some kind?

  2. Lomax says:

    If you are truly giving up on those heads, set them aside for me, please. I may be able to work some magic, and I’ll give you some American currency if it works out!

    • Crusher says:

      Let me and Horse (who actually has tools, unlike myself) take a crack at it first. if we can’t save them I’ll give you what’s left, Lomax.

      • Lomax says:

        Of course. Do yourself this one amazing favor: grab a tailor’s measuring tape, a piece of transparency ‘paper’ (the clear, plastic sheets used by highschool teachers in the stone age to project handwritten text and whatnot on the wall), and make a template. Measure the circumference of the mallet head and cut a rectangle of that measurement by whatever length head that you like out of the transparency paper. Then use pi, science, and a sharp object to poke holes along the center of that sheet at intervals of one quarter of the circumference. Wrap the plastic around a head, tape it together, and BOOM… you will never fuck a head up again. Your holes will line up, and you will have a straight edge to draw a line around the head as a guide for a handsaw. Drill presses are awesome (I have one), but you can use a cordless drill with the same precision with this guide.

        • Lomax says:

          Also, with any commercially available mallet shaft and most adult ski poles, do this: when you are making a mallet from a fresh pole, drill 1/2″ holes for the shaft in the fresh head. Jam the shaft in until it is snug in both holes and work from there. With FC and MKE shafts, you will have a 42-43″ long mallet from which you can trim extra lenth from the grip end, and there will be plenty of the tapered end left to run a 1/4″ bolt through it without any worries. Lastly, laugh at this write up because I wrote it quickly without trying to eliminate all of the funny parts. Happy Friday!

          • Lomax says:

            With those two methods, replacing heads and shafts is a piece of cake. Shred a head? Keep one predrilled and ready to bolt on in your bag. Break a shaft? You can put your favorite, fancy head right onto a new shaft in no time because you’ve eliminated all of the cumbersome setup time.

          • Zachary says:

            Lomax just make a fuggin video!

  3. Mike says:

    Ha oh boy, I remember those days. Now I only cut and drill heads at my parents where I have my power miter saw and drill press with mallet head jig.

    • Crusher says:

      What does that Mallet Head Jig look like, Mike?

      • Mike says:

        My jig is more for my drill press. The last time I made heads I cut up and drilled about 10ft of yellow pipe, and would have done more except wasn’t 100% sure I would stick to that length. All it does is prevent the pipe from rolling either way or sliding fore or aft. Kinda like this (http://goo.gl/EvqAL) but made of scrap wood and not open ended.

        Once the jig is centered under the bit, I can drill through like 25 heads in a few minutes. For my power miter saw, I just clamp a piece of wood to it to butt the mallet head material against.

        I go throw the yellow pipe pretty fast, but if you’re just cutting a few heads, something like Horse and Lomax described would work better.

  4. Horse says:

    a mallet jig would be super easy to make, and I’ll be making one this weekend.
    Basically you’d use 3 2×4’s. bolted in a U shape, with cuts at 4, 4.25 4.5, 5.0 etc for your mallet lengths.
    Your head lays in the U, and you cut along the guide at whatever length you want.

  5. Crusher says:

    I’m excited to see what you come up with, Horse.

    And thanks for the tips, Lomax. Do you have that up anywhere on LOBP for the masses?

  6. Zachary says:

    IMO the best way to get a tight fit is to drill the hole too small then use a circular file to slowly enlarge it…

    also don’t cut your shafts until you’ve tightly fit them on. our newbs always cut their shaft “to length” THEN try to fit the head on and it’s inevitably too big of a hole and it slides down the shaft resulting in a really loose head and/or too short a mallet.

    also, step bits FTW!

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