Thoughts on Wheel Covers

All those classes at PCAD paid off!

Wheel covers – everybody associates them with polo and they are pretty much the dead giveaway (other than the ironic tee shirts and overly-waxed facial hair) that you’ve reached a polo specific event.

They can represent a specific tourney, a specific club or just a specific individual (hopefully the person who is making a fool of themselves pedaling around the court). And while there have been plenty of lovely blog posts on much more reputable sites about the subject, I thought we’d be lacking without one here, so you’ll just have to suffer through this little adventure.

Pack your bags, children – here we go!

Wheel covers are kind of the super secret club ring from our childhood: they indicate what club you belong to, your personality, and sometimes how very little you care for detail (I’m referring here, of course, to the wheel covers that are actually ovals or have extra pieces).

They also serve The more practical purpose of stopping shots from getting through your spokes, which is infuriating when playing goal.

It’s widely accepted that if you decide to have wheel covers, you need to “represent” your club in some way. Whether that be with the actual name of your home city, some accepted logo or a crass reference to another player’s mother; it’s important that you show your support and solidarity.

That being said, Lancaster United doesn’t necessarily follow that rule at all – so maybe I just made up that “widely accepted” bit just a second ago.

When I first started playing Bike Polo I thought of the decorations on wheel covers as a sort of war paint – a branding to kind of show off how much you liked the sport. I’ll admit that I change the design of my wheel cover more often than what I like to say, but it’s kinda fun, don’tcha think?

My current set up has only 1 sided wheel covers (I came to the conclusion that I could save material and still have the desired affect), and I’m already itching to change the paint job to fit our new logo.

Is that odd?

Furthermore is it odd to think of wheel covers as anything more than a utilitarian benefit for bike polo? If so, why do we slap stickers on our mallets and helmets?

Why do I end posts in questions all the time?

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  1. Crusher says:

    Well…every blog needs a worst post, right?

    I’ll make up for it with tomorrow’s posts, I promise. Maybe something with kittens playing polo or something.

    • Trace says:

      How quickly you forgot my blog post from a week ago which included the We Are The World video. This post rocks compared to that heap.
      Once the ol’ rib is healed I am oh-so-anxious to try out my 48 hole eigth-inch Julians, which, I posit, will not need wheelcovers due to the preponderance of spokeages. Also, I do not need ‘war paint’ as my injuries seem to set me apart from the rest of you mohicans.

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