Lancaster United

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Stop me if you’ve heard this one already…

A graphic designer, a cook, a homeschooling dad, a Buddhist hospital chaplain, a Mennonite (go ahead, look that one up), a truck
driver, a salesmen, an organic farmer, a couple of web ninjas, a gym teacher (I know you don’t teach buildings Zach, but work with me), a mechanical engineer, a bike shop mechanic, and a Jew walk into a bar. Oh wait. Before they walk into the bar they play bike polo.

That’s the entire joke right there.

Except it is not a joke. The above is the mystery of Lancaster United, the freshly minted bicycle polo club in southeastern Pennsylvania. Lancaster City Bike Polo provided the polo roots while York’s First Capital Bike Polo crew brought dedication, ingenuity, and serious numbers to our polo scene. LCBP and FCBP need each other, not unlike these two chaps.

Whodda thunk that bicycles, a street hockey ball, a couple busted up ski poles, and some hot gas pipe could be the common denominators that UNITED the above rag-tag group of peeps? Is this club unique with its diversity? If so I am damn proud of us. Bicycles usually bring people together, but we have found that bicycle polo UNITES.

Take a moment and think about your polo peeps… are you doin’ it? Now, watch this video and try not to reach for your hanky. You’re not so tuff after all, are you?

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