Northern Standard Polo Shafts

I recently had this little item drop into my inbox from Northern Standard:

Our coveted gold shafts are online and priced to sell

Image from Northern Standard

While the mallet heads previously released (and subsequently withdrawn from market) have yet to make a re-appearance, it seems that Northern Standard has begun selling their polo mallet shafts.

The details are a bit sketchy as far as whether these have the proprietary system of attachment – something mentioned in the video that accompanied the mallet offering – but the following specs are found on the Northern Standard marketing site:

  • Weight:156grams / 5.5oz
  • *Length:49″ (37″ straight length, 12″ taper)
  • *Measurements:18mm (11/16″) for first 37″ then tapering to 13mm (1/2″)
  • Wall Thickness: 1mm

The claim to fame is that the Crazy Canucks use them, and they are “strong but incredibly light weight.”  They are also offering free shipping until the 31st of this month, so hey – that’s nice too.

The cost for a single pole is 15 bucks, putting them at an average price in the market.

Check out the site HERE and let me know if you have any experience with the pole first hand.


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  1. Max says:

    hey guys,

    Thanks for the plug & support! The shafts that are online now are a standard 7075 aluminum shaft – with the added strength & weight benefits you mentioned above. The proprietary attachment system is in the works and will be available once we roll out our new mallet concept this spring. Stay tuned for exiciting things from Northern Standard

    • Crush says:

      I’m excited to see the redesign of the mallet head. Once/if we get a hold of the new shaft (and that head when it is available) I’ll do a proper review for our readers out there.

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