The Ladies of Polo: Holy God You are Awesome.

If I may make a stupid observation, then hopefully pull myself out of the hole I made.

Ladies are wicked different than guys. They have all those bits and stuff.

Now – let me get to the point of the post.

Hardcourt Bike polo is pretty unique in that it’s a very, very young sport. So young, in fact, that there wasn’t ever really a drive to make it male or female specific. Because of this the ladies of bike polo as well as the gentlemen developed the sport together – both accepting a codex of rules which made sense (not, for instance, like lacrosse – where guys go all ridiculous aggressive and gals have a ‘bubble’ around them to stop physical contact – I mean, really? a bubble?).

Because of this equality, women did exactly what a sane human would expect: they were just like the men. They shot, passed,

Stone cold killers.

checked, pedaled and wore silly hats just the same. There wasn’t a different rule book or separate league because…well…why would there be?

I had seen several videos of the Ladies Army games and saw how exceptionally unimportant the gender of a person was in Polo. But having now been at ESPIs and seeing several women in matches, I can tell you that there isn’t a scrap of difference (saving for the lady bits and what not) between two genders playing polo.

And of course there isn’t, because there never was in hard court bike polo. That’s pretty awesome sauce if you ask me.

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