Big Shot Polo Bikes: …eh…

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, but I’m lazy and what not.

A while back (somewhere between the birth of Lumberjack and three months ago) I came across Big Shot Bikes, a lovely company which makes bikes-to-fit in all their hipster glory. (Does one capitalize hipster, or was the word around like, way before capitalization existed – ee cummings didn’t capitalize, after all). While I am not going to speak to the main sell of the site, as I’m sure the fixies are just the bees knees, I do want to talk about this little item:

Big Shot Bikes

Big Shot Bike’s Mini Polo bicycle, orange flavored.

At some point, Big Shot Bikes got into the Bike Polo business, which makes a lot of sense given the market they are in. But from the first time I saw this bike, I had my questions/doubts/concerns/guffaws.


1. Those are some tiny wheels. I roll on 26 and still feel like I need to get a trophy wife and a Hummer in order to compete with those 700 fellas. It might just be me, but I think I play tire defense a bit too much to reduce my blocking surface by whatever impressive calculation you’d believe…let’s go with 21.4% centigrade.

2. The gap under the down tube is huge. I know every bike has a big ol’ space there, but that one seems crazy.

The money shot.

3. For a custom made polo bike, I’d expect a few things more, like tighter bars. If you look in the above picture, those are straights (or ‘streights’, if you visit their site and have a keen eye for misspelling)  and that’s not the greatest (again, my opinion) for polo. Furthermore that gear (46 tooth) looks like madness (madness? this is Sparta – there I did it for you) and wouldn’t suit a good amount of players out of the box.

4. The Price: at the time of this posting, the cost for one of these puppies is $319.oo USD. I mean…for a mini polo bike…eh?

Now I don’t like pushing down a brother without giving a fair chance, so I do want to mention what I see as good about this bike.


1. It would have lighting fast turning – with such a compact frame you could pretty much rock the socks when it came to cleaning up any messy plays.

2.  The sharpness factor is high: while I don’t really care much about how my polo bike looks (you’re gonna destroy it anyway), this is a slick machine. If you want to get all the empty framed, eyeglass wearing girls to turn their disinterested heads, this would be a way to do it.

3. It does advertise that one size fits all, and being from the Shire, I can appreciate that.

Please click on that link. Your life will be better for it.

Now, keep in mind I wrote all of this without ever getting on the blasted thing. I can’t possibly afford to buy it as a test, and I have yet to see one grace the field. However, if Big Shot Bikes wants to send me one, I’ll be happy to give an informed review. But none of you come here for the truth, do you?

Go ahead and give me your thoughts on these – I’m interested in your ever valuable dribble.

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  1. horse says:

    thats fucking ugly.

  2. Trace says:

    Tiny wheels do weird things to gearing, though I am not sure what exactly. I think the reduction ratio is 24.1.

  3. Trace says:

    What Horse said too.

  4. irishvelo says:

    if you can’t look at it without cringing……it’s not worthy.

  5. Manilow says:

    Having ridden Kristine’s folding bike around town a couple of times (with similar wheels and geometry) I can see the desire for such a bike.

  6. Manilow says:

    But I would have to put a bag over its head whenever I rode it. And please, no pictures.

  7. Horse says:

    barry at least a folding bike has a legit reason to look stupid as shit.
    that ‘polo’ bike just looks stupid as shit.

  8. L'DAn says:

    Can we leave the esthetic question alone and talk polo ? If this shit kicks arse in gameplay I assure you that in a few years you won’t find it as ugly. And who gives a fuck if your ride’s stellar if you get ridiculed 5-0 by a team riding these midget bikes ?

    • Crush says:

      I appreciate your ferver.

      Let me phrase it this way, though: I have never seen one of these used by any polo player (in club, in tourneys, or in the wide array of videos available from the interwebs). I think if there was any merit in the bike, there would be somebody using it – right?

      I think if it’ll take years for this bike to be adopted by polo players, there will be plenty of other bikes that are polo specific (MKE, Redline) that will have already knocked it out.

      You find me a video of someone actually using this thing, and I’ll reconsider.

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