The Storm is Coming

Note: this excellent write-up was done by Bill for our upcoming tourney:

Warm temperatures and partly could skies should be great weather, and Fairview Park should should provide the perfect backdrop for the Spring poLowdown Throwdown at the West Hempfield Bike Polo Arena.

This event, co-hosted by both LCBP and FCBP, and supported by Swashbuckler Brewing starts and noon and features the best hardcourt action in Central Pennsylvania.

Here’s a preview of the teams slated for battle:

Till Death Do Us Bart – TDDUB is the most well rounded team in the tournament. They have both experience and balance and no obvious weakness. For many odds makers they’re a slight favorite on the betting board.

Jaeggernauts – ( formerly the Regulators, the Originals and the New Originals) – This York-centrick team is solid on D and has capable leadership in Smooth Ted. The “x factor” for this team will be the play of Blake. Blake’s been off the game for a few weeks, but if can find his stride early this team can contend.

Darkizzle – A farmer, a teacher, and a hipster. That’s bike polo in 10 words or less. The backbone of this young team has been strengthened by the recent addition of Kimmel. Collectively, this is the fastest team on the court but we will have to see if that speed can make up for their lack of experience.

Mexican Polar Bears – At first glance you might think that the fate of the team rests in then hands of the best player in the tourney, Horse. But really, the burden falls on the Crusher’s shoulders. If the Crusher and Barry can provide the defensive foundation that frees Horse up to be Horse these guys are likely to score quickly and often. If Horse spends most of his time in his own zone, then they’ll be looking at some long exhausting games that will make it tough to go the distance.


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  1. mathbach says:

    The big question for the other 3 teams will be how to stop a Horse. Like Shaq circa 2000 you need to control him or he will dominate. my advice is to double team him when he’s advancing the ball and keep a body in goal.

  2. Uncle Fester says:

    Every horse is the same. If you give him a bucket of oats to bury his nose in, he’ll take himself out of the game.

  3. toberholtzer says:

    “A farmer, a teacher, and a hipster. That’s bike polo in 10 words or less.”
    I fear Darkizzle more than MPB.

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