A Mostly Complete LCBP Game

Hello All-

I just picked up a Canon Elph 100 HS, which has full HD recording and all sorts of other stuff I’m too much of a Luddite to figure out. However, I did manage to capture the majority of our first Spring 2011 LCBP game in Lancaster proper.

The reason it’s only mostly and not all is because I have a measly 4 gig, regular SD card in the camera (I need something like a 8 gig, and definitely a high speed one at that).

You’re only missing the last ten seconds – and trust me, I’m using ‘missing’ very loosely.

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  1. mathbach says:

    good vid, Moustache Pictures is certainly headed for fame and fortune.
    clearly a wheel dick @ 9:25

  2. mathbach says:

    I stand corrected – I had not considered that aspect of it, only that the crash was certainly not caused by the ball

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