Latent Agression Fnds a Safe Outlet

Well, despite the ugly weather Friday night, we played some amazing games Saturday morning.
Arrived around 9:20 to a rink that was about 25% covered in ice.   Literally spent the good part of 30 minutes scraping ice with windshield scrapers, brooms, mallets, anything that would do the job.
It must of worked pretty well, because Ted is the only one that repeatedly crashed in the same spot.
Here we are looking fat and sassy.

(That’s me in the grey, wishing i had a donut or some cookies. )
Took part in a pretty intense crash at the end of the last game, taco’d a wheel, sent kyle flying through the air with his arms outstretched, and managed to piss myself off bad enough to throw my bike out of the court.  Rarity for myself.   Good times though.
I was dared to take my aggression out on a water bottle that was for some reason deemed ‘unbreakable’…
Horses kick hard

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